University of Rouen and CORIA

Julien Reveillon

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F.X. Demoulin

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Welcome to our professional homepage.

Our names are J. Reveillon and F.X. Demoulin. We are teaching at the University of Rouen, mostly numerical methods and computational fluid dynamics (CDF). We are part of the Atomization, Spray, Turbulence and Chaos (TASC) Group of the CORIA laboratory. A few years ago, we joined our efforts to develop research activities dedicated to two-phase flows and to supervise our PhD students.
Much of our work has been directed towards interfacial flows simulation and modeling. Our ongoing research is two-fold: atomization, cavitation and vaporization processes associated to fossil energy on the one hand, hydraulics, waves propagation and marine energy on the other.
We are working mainly with OpenFOAM® software and our objective is to connect with researchers and industries interested by our fields of expertise.We created an association open to any OpenFOAM® french users. Please have a look here : foam-utilisateurs.
Publication of the Web-O-graphy dedicated to OpenFOAM® : creation of an OpenFOAM® web database. Your input is welcome ! Contact: JR.
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